There are some items of decor that have not aged well. Modern furnishings are changing all the time, down to which curtains or plants are in style. If you’ve been holding on to some older decor, your house might seem more dated than it has to. Have a look at these 14 home decor trends that can make your home look severely out of style.

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14) Matching Too Much

This trend was popular for decades, from the 1930s well into the 1970s. However, today it’s a tell-tale sign of having not updated one’s living spaces.

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13) Vertical Blinds

These were the latest thing in the 1970s and 1980s, and if you’re still using them your home probably looks a behind. Updating to a more modern style window covering (or even something timeless like wood blinds) will dramatically change the way a room looks.

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12) Complicated Valances

Window treatments are some of the telltale areas of the home, since the trends stick around for a long time. This means if your windows have old style dressings, then it’s probably been a long time since they were updated. Or at least that might be how it looks to visitors.

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11) The Same Goes for Shower Curtains

Fussy shower curtains came into style in the 1970s and for some people, they never left!

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10) Doilies

Nothing says “old fashioned” more than doilies on everything. And, that’s great- if a vintage-inspired home is the look you’re going for.

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9) Shag Rugs and Carpets

There was a period in the early 2000s when shag styles came back into fashion, but even that was nearly 20 years ago! No matter how you spin this trend, it’s out of date.

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8) Family Photos Everywhere

This is a tough one because we all want to have photos of our beloved family members on display, but a whole wall of them can be overwhelming.

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7) A Formal Living Room

This style of living space harkens back to the old days when a family might have had a formal parlor. But, it’s not really how most people live today. And, for that very reason alone it looks dated.

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6) Using Too Many Fake Plants

Faux plants and flowers have the advantage of never needing water or care, just a dusting now again. But, too many of them can look extremely obvious and dated. Interior designers now suggest that by mixing real and faux it will make the faux look more realistic, while ensuring that it looks like a verdant jungle in your place.

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5) Frills and Pom Poms

Adding too much is sometimes just too much- something past generations embraced, but which doesn’t look current today.

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4) Old Wallpaper

Wall coverings from decades ago may have their own charm, but keeping them up may make your rooms look less than up-to-date.

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3) Wacky Theme Rooms

Themes that are out of place and/or not functional, like the cramped Shaker style kitchen in an apartment from the 1970s below, were a popular decorating trend years ago. However, they have no place in the modern era.

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2) Knick Knacks

A paired down home will always look more modern. Of course, this is a toughie if you have any collections of small items.

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1) Heavily Patterned Upholstery

Huge plaids or floral patterns might in as far as clothing goes, but in home decor not so much.

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