These 9 Vintage Toys Would Never Pass by Today’s Safety Standards

6) Vac-U-Form

This toy set also heated plastic to mold into toys, but this kit also came with paints, paint thinner, cement, and a bunch of stuff that generally aren’t allowed in toys these days. On the upside you sure could make a bunch of different shapes with this one.

Via/ Ebay

5) Austin Magic Pistol

This toy gun was designed to shoot ping pong balls, which is not the least dangerous thing we’ve ever heard of. But, the compounds used to propel the balls (water and calcium carbide in a special chamber) produced an explosive fireball effect with a loud bang. This toy was certainly not the safest!

Via/ Ebay

4) Swing Wing

Not only was there a risk of hitting another child in the head with this thing, but it seems like a few neck injuries might have been caused by the vigorous bobbing that this toy required.

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