These 9 Vintage Toys Would Never Pass by Today’s Safety Standards

3) Yard Darts

These oversized darts were meant to be played on the lawn and while this seems like an ok idea, the reality is that keeping small children out of the shooting area is really darned difficult. These toys were outlawed in the U.S. in 1988 due to the serious injuries that they caused.

Via/ Flickr

2) Water Wiggle

This toy hung on longer than we would have ever thought based on the wild flailing of the hose, which appears to come close to strangling the kids in the commercial below. The ad says you can pretend it’s a sea snake. Um, no thanks actually. We’re good not any having snakes (sea or otherwise) coming at us.

1) Shogun Warriors

These toys are pretty offensive, but also they threw pointy throwing stars and other projectiles. This is the type of thing always causes problems. Even if no one loses an eye, you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose the projectiles.

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