Nowadays, we’re all about the childproofing and being ultra aware of things like choking hazards or dangerous chemicals in toys. But back in the day, there were far fewer precautions for toys… and pretty much everything else. Check out the list below for a glimpse into some of the most dangerous toys to ever hit the market! Did you own any of these?

Witch Dr. Head Shrinkers Kit

Not only is this kit from Wham-O a super weird and creepy gift to give to a kid, but the kit from the 1960s had all sorts of toxic chemicals in order to get the “shrunken head” look.

Air Blaster

With a tagline like, “All the power of the wind in your hands,” it’s easy to see where this toy might go all wrong. The toy was put on the market in 1965, and was pulled almost immediately. Kids would blast the air directly in their friends’ ears, causing permanent damage. Plus, it turns out you could put things inside of the air blaster, thus making it almost as potent as a real gun from short range!

Frisbee Super Elastic Bubble Plastic

Another unfortunate toy from Wham-O, the plastic bubble was marketed as being more durable than regular bubbles, and less durable than balloons. It was a niche market, for sure. As you might have guessed, it turns out the plastic used was toxic when inhaled or ingested. Considering you have to blow up the plastic bubble, inhaling the plastic was pretty much inevitable!

The Wheelie Bar

As you might have guessed – giving kids the ability to do wheelies without protective gear or the proper training lead to a lot of accidents involving serious head injuries. Can you guess who put out this product? Wham-O.

Creepy Crawlers Thing-Maker

Another gem from the 1960s! Even though the packaging boosted of “non-toxic plastic,” it turns out the standards for “non-toxic” weren’t that great in the 60s. Go figure. Not only was the plastic harmful, but the kit included a hot plate that had to be heated up to 300˚! Talk about a bad idea.

Johnny Seven Toy

In the manufacturer’s defense, any commercial that has a kid holding two guns while standing on top of a fence should be an indicator that this “toy” is not a great gift for your child. The commercial boasts of 7 different guns in this one toy, hence the name. Turns out the gun was more realistic than anyone thought, as kids started getting hurt almost as soon as the product hit the shelves.

The Swing Wing

A toy that encourages kids to aggressively whip their head and neck around in circles while walking… what could go wrong? Oh, yeah. Major head and neck injuries, that’s what.

The Six Finger Toy

Not only does this toy look a little… ahem… odd, but with all sorts of different attachments including “bombs” and “bullets,” it was only a matter of time before kids got hurt.

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