After 53 Years, This Postcard Finally Reaches Its Destination

Ed Quirk never got the postcard that his aunt Francis sent him…until it showed up at his home 53 years later.

There’s a reason we use the term “snail mail” — standard post can sometimes take a long time to arrive. But, as this video shows, sometimes the mail can even take an incredible 53 years to finally reach its destination. Ed Quirk never got this postcard that his aunt Francis sent him asking about his high school graduation and telling him about a recent trip she had taken. Then, one day it just showed up in his mailbox in White Haven, Connecticut after a postal worker tracked him down. Now the only mystery to solve is just where that postcard had been hiding for so long. Speculation on where the postcard was for decades varies, but Quirk and his wife are very pleased to have another piece of their family puzzle as they both love history. Check out this story in the video below.

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