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From The Bouffant To The Pompadour, These Classic Hairstyles Still Look Great!

5. Long and Wavy


As the war came to a close, women let down their victory rolls and opted for flowing styles with gentle waves. Veronica Lake may come to mind when you think of this classic look from the ’40s, but it’s been pulled off by various women throughout the decades and still looks great today.

6. The Ducktail


A symbol of individuality and nonconformity, the ducktail rocked society during the 1950s. Elvis and the Fonz sported this greased, meticulously combed hairstyle, and it became the iconic look of Hollywood rebels. Today, both men and women are making splashes with creative variations of this classic cut.

7. The Bouffant


If you were a female in the 1960s, you probably wore a bouffant hairstyle, whether you were 8 or 48. The style originated in 18th century Europe, and it was the hairstyle of choice for women and girls across America for most of the 1960s. Today’s bouffant features the same puffy, high-volume top as the ‘do of the ’60s, but it’s usually worn longer and often includes soft curls.

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