It’s Hard to Believe Some of These Fashion Looks Were Once Trendy!

This look back at fashion might have you wondering how we ever let ourselves dress this way!

7) Bright Polyester Shirts

Paisley, psychedelic, and patterns of all kinds in as many colors as could fit on the fabric were so popular! These wide-collar polyester shirts were ubiquitous for years, though we can’t think now what the appeal was. At least they were cheerful and didn’t need to be ironed.

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8) Patchwork Clothing

Whether they were sewn on or printed, patchwork was a big deal in the 70s. It was kind of cool in a way, but kind of loud in another way! For a time this trend could be found on almost any type of clothing.

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9) Jumpsuits

It doesn’t matter which era, which color, whether it’s for men or women, jumpsuits have been bad fashion since forever! Even this 50s jumpsuit manages to appear dull and unflattering at the same time.

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A few of these bad fashion trends have made surprise comebacks over the years.But, for many people who lived through these awkward fashions, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as wearing something with a lot less pizazz and a lot more simplicity. If you enjoyed this peek back at bad fashion, have a look at some of the most interesting home decor looksfrom the past.