It’s Hard to Believe Some of These Fashion Looks Were Once Trendy!

This look back at fashion might have you wondering how we ever let ourselves dress this way!

4) Sweater Dresses

Ok, so maybe these weren’t all bad, but most of the patterns and styles were fairly unforgiving. It was a rarity that this style could be pulled off well and there were no end to the patterns available.

Via / Flickr

5) All Denim Outfits

Head to toe in denim was a popular look for many years. We’re thankful that is no longer the case.

Via / State Archives of Florida

6) Plaid Jackets

Once all the rage and in dizzying patterns, plaid jackets looked good on a very very few people. From huge patterns to the tiny eye-crossing patterns these jackets were very popular for men and boys of all ages.

Via / State Archives of Florida

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