It’s Hard to Believe Some of These Fashion Looks Were Once Trendy!

This look back at fashion might have you wondering how we ever let ourselves dress this way!

We look back at old photographs and sometimes wonder at the grace and elegance of the perfectly-dressed women and handsomely-suited men. But, when new fads came along, we snapped them up. We got swept away in the moment, wearing some crazy or ill-advised clothing that, looking back, was neither graceful not elegant. Here are some of the best of bad fashion looks from back in the day.

1) Polyester Pants Suits

For that dressed up while dressed down look, a polyester pants suit was the way to go! The scratchy texture and unbreathable fabric were just the gravy on this fashion fiasco.

Via / Flickr

2) Bell Bottoms

The bigger the bell, the better. We don’t have too many complaints about this one actually. Bell bottoms were comfy and flattering, which is more than can be said for many fashion trends!

Via / Flickr

3) Giant Appliqués

In the 50s it was huge flowers on dresses and poodles on skirts. In the 70s, it was anything goes! This show-stopping swordfish appliqué is truly unique, but we wouldn’t call it fashionable today, like many of the oversized appliqués once popular on ladies clothing.

Via / State Archives of Florida

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