What Did the Titanic Really Look Like on the Inside?

Designed to exceed passenger expectations, this doomed ship was lavishly appointed.

Photographs of the RMS Titanic at sea are plentiful, but we are rarely treated to the inside of the ill-fated but magnificent ship. Have a look at the palatial upper decks, suites, and recreation rooms which would have been afforded the first class passengers and the more humble purview of the second and third class passengers.

Via/ Flickr

First Class Accommodations

Observation deck features wicker chairs. Note the sprinkler system in place! Via/ Flickr
First class cabins were lavish and decked out in velvet and flocked wallpaper! Via/ Flickr
A first class room. Via/ Flickr
First class suite in rococo style. Via/ Wiki Commons
First class main dining room on the D-Deck. Via/ Library of Congress
The Cafe Parisien was reserved for first class passengers. Later on vining plants were added to the trellis. Via/ Flickr
The Veranda Cafe. Via/ Wiki Commons

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