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What Did the Titanic Really Look Like on the Inside?

Everything in first class, from the light fixtures to the carpets to the chairs was of the utmost quality. Not just the private spaces, but the public spaces were truly beautiful to behold.

It was no surprise then that a first class ticket on the Titanic was a whopping $2,560 in 1912, equivalent to more than $60,000 in today’s money!

The first-class reading room was a sight to behold. The windows were 11 feet tall! Via/ Wiki Commons

The first-class reading room in more detail. Via/ Wiki Commons

The grand staircase of the sister ship RMS Olympic shown here, but the two staircases were said to have been nearly identical. Via/ Wiki Commons

The only gymnasium aboard the ship was reserved for first class passengers and features a few machines we’ve never seen before. However, the good old-fashioned rowing machines and stationary bike are quite familiar. Via/ Wiki Commons

The gym being put to good use. Via/ Wiki Commons

The Titanic had a swimming pool as well. Via/ Wiki Commons

The first class smoking room. Via/ Wiki Commons

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