These 20 Slang Terms From The ’50s Need To Come Back ASAP!

Are you still using any of these words and phrases?

There’s nothing quite like hearing the slang you grew up to bring back a lot of memories. Whether it’s a local slang (like for your favorite after school spot) or era-specific, there are so many words that we just don’t hear once we grow up. Like every era, the 1950s slang had its own flavor which provided commentary on the world just by its very existence.

If you lived through it then you’ll probably remember these 1950s slang words well!

Via/ State Archives of Florida

20) Ankle-biter (noun):

a young, needy child; commonly reserved for a younger sibling or the youngest kids within one’s school.

19) Burn rubber (expression):

to accelerate the car suddenly.

18) Dig it (noun):

to enjoy something, or to get into it.

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17) Dullsville (adjective):

a boring or dull event or person.

16) Egghead (noun):

a nerd or intellectual; derogative term that implied a boring disposition.

15) Get on the horn (expression):

to use the telephone.

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14) Get your kicks (expression):

to have fun, to enjoy an activity.

13) Knuckle sandwich (noun):

to get punched, usually in the face; the phrase was commonly used as a threat as in “you want a knuckle sandwich?”

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12) Lose your cool (expression):

to get angry.

11) No sweat (expression):

something that was easy.

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