If there is one YouTube rabbit hole that we can consistently fall down for hours at a time, it is the rabbit hole of old beer commercials.

Many of these ads feel like relics of a far gone time, in the best way possible. Take this ad from Budweiser that was released back in 1984, for example. It’s so 1980s, we can hardly contain ourselves.

Photo: flickr/juxtapose

Oingo Boingo is responsible for the soundtrack, as they provided their own unique rendition of “This Bud’s For You.” Danny Elfman, the band’s frontman, was fully in character here. Two window washers are taken on the ride of their life through a variety of different settings. They got the chance to visit a bar, a gym, a random house, and even the skies themselves.

It’s the sort of commercial that will have you wondering why they do not make them like they used to. Once the plane comes into play, it is obvious what Elfman is trying to do.

Photo: YouTube/MediaBurnArchive

His intentions are as pure as they come, too. He mounted what appears to be a bomb to the plane. Those who are fans of the classic film Dr. Strangelove are sure to appreciate this amazing reference.

Luckily, he was not strapping a bomb to the plane. It actually turned out to be a massive bottle of Budweiser instead. “A pair of window washers’ scaffold reaches an apartment’s upper floor. Although they initially try to proceed with their job, they are distracted by Oingo Boingo performing in a neon-lit gym,” the description reads.

Photo: YouTube/MediaBurnArchive

This description does not do the video justice, though. Danny Elfman is quite the showman and those who have been paying attention to the news as of late probably have different reasons for feeling that way. As it turns out, he was recently invited to the Coachella music festival and he absolutely tore that sucker down. Take a moment to check out his performance as soon as you have a chance.

It’s the perfect chaser after taking this shot of a video. If you are anything like us, you are going to be watching all sorts of Budweiser ads from back in the day after this one!