There are many different types of music to appreciate. The blues is included in the mix, and the level of talent that some of these blues players display is off the charts.

The blues got their start sometime in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Since then, however, many have played the blues, including some that just played them for their own enjoyment.

Photo: YouTube/ReelinInTheYears66

One of the well-known blues bands, especially in the 1960s was Muddy Waters. They had the opportunity to play at an old train station that was no longer in use as part of a concert.

Sister Rosetta Tharp played in that concert with Muddy Waters as they performed live. The year was 1964, and the song they decided to play was, “Didn’t It Rain?”

Photo: YouTube/ReelinInTheYears66

When you hear Sister Rosetta Tharp doing what she does best in this rendition, you cannot help but recognize her talent level. She used it to her full advantage, and we are thankful that they still have the video of it so we can enjoy it today.

It wasn’t just Sister Rosetta Tharp that played during this concert. There were also a number of other blues bands, including Muddy Waters that performed that evening.

Photo: YouTube/ReelinInTheYears66

It was part of a Blues and Gospels Tour for Granada Television.

This was the European leg of the tour, and you have the opportunity to see much more of it all in the following videos:

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