Inside a 1950s Dream Home

These weren’t like houses built even 10 or 15 years before.

The 1950s was a time of innovation when it came to building and furnishing houses. The flood of soldiers returning from World War II in the late 1940s coincided with a baby boom the likes of which the world had never seen before. Young families just starting out needed homes to raise their children in and many people flocked to blossoming suburbs where their needs would be met with carefully planned homes that catered to modern sensibilities.

Via/ State Archives of Florida

State of the art kitchens, kicky interior design, and ample space for entertaining were just a few of the many requirements that house hunters in the 1950s were looking for. Unlike cramped cottage style houses or grand Victorian houses, both of which could lack the required updated kitchens or ample closet space, the new suburban dream homes were intended to be neither too big nor small, neither too formal nor too humble.

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Some of the most common styles at the time were colonial revival, ranch (or ramblers as they were also known), and Cap Cod style houses. The ideal home of the 1950s was also decorated to nines, with bold wallpapers, room dividers, and colorful kitchens being just a few of the many defining features of the age. The modern style that came to dominate homes of the era became known as Mid-century Modern, a trend that is enjoying a strong revival today.

Have a look inside a 1950s dream home in the video below.