From music festivals to sit-ins to camping out, anyone who was a teenager or young adult during the late ’60s and early ’70s had the chance to partake in a new kind of movement happening. The new wave of celebration, informality, and individual expression left a lasting impression on American culture in ways that we are still feeling today. And, there were some pretty far out photos taken of it all unfolding. Have a look back with us at 18 wild photos of hippies from the ’60s and ’70s.

That little dog’s name is Tripper. Via/ Flickr
Via/ Flickr
Anti-war protest, National Mall, 1967. Via/ LBJ Presidential Library
Via/ Flickr
1970 UCLA commencement. Via/ Flickr
Rock Acres Peace Festival, 1971. Via/ Flickr
Enjoying the music at the Rock Acres Peace Festival, 1971. Via/ Flickr
Protesting the Republican National Convention in Miami, 1972. Via/ State Archives of Florida
Vietnam Veteran in Miami Beach for an anti-war protest during the 1972 GOP Convention. Via/ State Archives of Florida

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