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Fantastic Photos From The 1800s Show How Milkmen Used To Deliver

Do you remember when the milkman would still come through your neighborhood? We certainly do! What we didn’t know is that this is a job that people have held way back into the early 1800s. The following images share a pictorial history of the job of the milkman and milkwoman from 1870-1950.


This photo from around 1870 is one of the first-known photos of a milkman. As you see, they operated on foot and went door to door with their goods. Hit Next Page for the next photo…


This astounding photo from the 1880’s captures a team of dogs that helped their family move their milk cart throughout the village. Many early milk carts were family affairs and they sold other goods as well.


Around the turn of the century, the milkman trade became a one-man show. A man with either a dairy farm himself or a connection to a few of them would take a branded cart out each day. This photo from around 1900 shows Mr. Alfred Denny of Victoria out with his goods for sale.


This phenomenon popped up all around the world. This photo from around 1900 from Thomastown shows another one-man cart out on the street.

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