How we cook has really changed over the years. But, if you’re an aficionado of everything vintage then you’ll be familiar with some of the charming old tools that used to be in nearly every kitchen. You probably even have a few of these in your own collection! Have a look at 12 old kitchen items that only true vintage lovers will remember!

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12) Pans With Sliders

Nothing else can help make sure your cake comes out so well as one of these pans. They are less popular today, but we can’t figure out why!

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11) Pound Measuring Cups

For back when recipes called for a pound of sugar or flour, these elegant cups did the trick nicely.

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10) Hoosier Cabinets

The best kitchen furniture ever created (besides the step stool) is the Hoosier cabinet. Elegant and functional, nothing reminds of an old-fashioned kitchen as quite as much.

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