10 Things We’ll Never See Again

We still remember a few of these like it was yesterday.

In the old days we saw things that no one will ever see today. We don’t make things at home anymore and technology is changing all the time. But, in the days before online ordering, a peddler or door-to-door salesman might come to the door, one of the many things we’ll never see again in today’s world.

10) Paper Boys

This was once a common sight- kids riding their bikes through the neighborhood with their bags full of papers.

Via/ State Archives of Florida

9) Spinning Wheel

There was a time when spinning wool or flax was part of the country life. Once the fibers were spun the spools would be taken to the weaver or else knit at home. This art was dying out even when the picture below was taken in 1933.

Via/ U.S. National Archives

8) Roller-skating Waitress

This fad sure did make a big impression on us! But, people just don’t roller skate as much they used to.

Via/ State Archives of Florida

7) Dance Party with Records

Even with a renewed interest in vinyl, you won’t see young people gathered around the record player dancing to the latest hits these days.

Via/ Library of Congress

6) Rag & Bone Man

The idea of being able to re-use something again and again is a fading concept. There was a time when goods were picked through, traded, sorted by rag men whose profession relied on selling and trading second-hand bits and bobs.

Via/ Wiki Commons

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