10 Totally 1950s Pineapple Recipes

Some of these recipes have become classics and others not so much, but all of them use one of modern America’s most favorite canned fruits- the pineapple. Moms, housewives, and chefs experimented with all manner of combinations to create new desserts and salads from this wonder fruit, newly available on grocery store shelves.

4) Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This classic dessert never goes out of style and remains a favorite for many of us! Get the recipe right here.

10 Totally 1950s Pineapple Recipes

5) Tropicana Salad

This one couldn’t be simpler- just combine pineapple and cottage cheese. But, this dish gets a little fancier by making the pineapple rings form a sandwich around the cottage cheese and the whole thing is topped with strawberries.

6) Merry-go-round Salad

Our old friend the Tropicana Salad gets a major makeover in this recipe from the addition of tomato sauce, gelatin, and onion juice! This sounds like a good one for those who find just pineapple and cottage together to be boring.

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