Mel Brooks’ timeless classic film Young Frankenstein may be on the verge of turning 50 but it is never going to stop being hilarious to us. It’s got some of the best line readings that we have ever seen and the deadpan characters make for a real laugh riot.

As it turns out, this stellar cast struggled to stay on script at times throughout the shoot. That’s what makes this blooper reel such a legendary one.

Photo: YouTube/Wonder Movies
Photo: YouTube/Wonder Movies

The movie has no shortage of absurd moments and the actors regularly found themselves struggling to get their lines out in the appropriate manner. It is easy to see why. Just imagine how hard it would be to get some of these words out and maintain a straight face while you are at it.

While the movie is based on the Frankenstein films from the 1930s, the focus is less on horror and more on comedy. In fact, Cloris Leachman claims that Gene Wilder struggled the most when it came time to keep a poker face on set. He would regularly ruin takes with all of his laughing fits and certain takes would need to be redone up to 15 times before they were correct.

Photo: YouTube/Wonder Movies

“He killed every take [with his laughter] and nothing was done about it!” Leachman protested, according to IMBD. The rest of the cast managed to remain a bit more composed during the shoot but there were some bits that were tough for them to resist. That’s understandable enough.

There are some scenes that are simply too funny to resist laughing at (or during, as it were). Marty Feldman biting Madeline Kahn’s mink scarf? That was enough to send cast members into hysterics.

Photo: YouTube/Wonder Movies

As it turns out, the bloopers were not the only bit that was cut from the final version of the film. There were even more jokes in the original version!

Mel Brooks removed many of the jokes because the reactions from the test audiences were simply not there. Instead of leaving them in and risking mixed reactions when it came time to release the movie, he decided to avoid that entirely.

If you would like to see these hilarious outtakes and bloopers for yourself, please be sure to check out the video below:

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