You Will Never Guess What Everyday Item You Can Use To Make Yarn – Check It Out!

Want to make your own, super cheap yarn with this simple staple…a t-shirt! Check out the video and you’ll never have to buy yarn again!

As you may have noticed, we absolutely love projects that have a high impact without being high-cost. We also love projects that give us a way to create something new and unique out of something old and seemingly tired. With this video from UpcycledStuff, we find out how to make our own yarn…and believe it or not, we do it out of old t-shirts!

That is right, friends, you can make yarn out of stuff that’s already in your closet! While you want to avoid t-shirts that have seams down the sides, or have big logos that extend down past the armpits, being able to make your own yarn from your own clothing means you have a wide range of options and that the (yarn) world is now your oyster!

Follow along and try making your own!