Can You Identify These Famous People By Their High School Yearbook Photos?

We dug up some old photos, and decided to put you to the test!

While going through some old boxes in the attic, we stumbled across an old yearbook from high school. Needless to say, A LOT has changed since then: hairstyles we thought were cool, clothes that made us look quite dated, and a few extra pounds here and there. It also got us thinking about some of the celebs we grew up with, and what they might’ve looked like in high school. So we dug up some old photos, and decided to put you to the test! See if you can guess who the famous person in each photo is from their high school photo, and let us know how many you get correct in the comments below!

Owl, yearbook of Fresno High School, El Centro, California, via Wiki Commons

Known for her distinctive contralto singing voice, this music icon made the crossover into television and has been a household name since the ’60s.

This next celeb got his start as a writer for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, and was a frequent guest on The Tonight Show and Saturday Night Live. Take your guess, and click the NEXT PAGE button for the answer!

Argonaut, yearbook of Garden Grove High School, Garden Grove, California via Wiki Commons