Growing up before every child had a screen, we learned everything fun from our friends. Afternoons spent playing outside until the street lights came on gave us plenty of time to share fun games, songs, and to teach other kids how to make things. Here are 9 things you could only learn by word of mouth back in the Good Old Days.

1) How to out a card in the spokes of our bikes

Seems like we rode our bikes everywhere when we were kids. And, the sound of a card in your spokes in one most of us will never forget!

Via/ Flickr

2) Jump rope and hand clap songs

Songs like Mary Mack or Cinderella Dressed in Yella were some of our favorites!

Via/ Library of Congress

3) The password for the secret clubhouse

Much more important than a wi-fi password- this was your ticket into the fort or the treehouse.

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4) How to do our hair

How many of us learned how to do French braid from the other girls?

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