Furniture Fixes: Learn How To Keep Your Wooden Drawers From Sticking!

Love the wood bureau, but hate that the drawers stick every time? Check out this video and learn how to fix those stubborn drawers yourself!

Antique furniture is beautiful for a variety of reasons; one of which, being that each piece has a different story to tell and we get to share that story when we display said piece in our home. On the flip side, antique furniture has been through a lot–normal wear-and-tear that results in certain items needing more TLC than others. We have a beautiful wood armoire in our house that we absolutely love, but every time we try to open any of the drawers, it gets completely stuck and we’re left without access to what we stored in it. Thankfully, we came across this tutorial that shares some tips and tricks for how to un-stick those stubborn drawers, (Hint: who knew a bar of soap would come so in handy?!) so now you can take of the problem yourself and enjoy your furniture without the hassle!