Woman Designs Her Grandma’s Abandoned Fashion Sketches 8 Decades Later

Julia’s grandma had to drop out of fashion school in the 1940s, but she held on to her sketches all these years.

The woman that you are about to meet has become her own fairy godmother and we are loving every second of it. She morphed into a Disney princess by taking the time to bring one of her grandmother’s designs to fruition.

You see, Julia shared on TikTok that her Grandma went to fashion school way back in the 1940s and ended up not being able to finish. All of her designs got ditched in the process.

Photo: TikTok/@_boringbb_

When Julia came across them, she decided that she was going to create her own gown. The results are absolutely priceless and of course, it was not long ago before the clip ended up going viral. It may have taken 80 years but Julia is the content creator who was finally able to bring part of Grandma’s vision to life.

Julia considers herself to be very fashion-forward and refers to her grandmother as her idol. When the pandemic hit, the two remained in constant contact. This is when her grandmother came across her old designs from back in her fashion school days.

Photo: TikTok/@_boringbb_

Initially, she merely asked Julia if she would like to hold onto the designs so that she could keep them safe. Eventually, Julia decided to do something even cooler with them.

“She said, ‘I would like it when I pass on if someone sent these out to magazines or display them at my funeral so people could know I did this,'” Julia told The New York Post. “When I saw her later that week, and saw how amazing the drawings were, I thought, ‘Why wait until she’s dead?'”

Photo: TikTok/@_boringbb_

Julia had to admit that she “didn’t know much about sending things into magazines,” but luckily, she came up with a much better idea.

“After seeing how happy she was over people loving her drawings, I knew I had to put the wheels in motion to bring them to life,” she shared with the New York Post. She isn’t just doing it for the likes or the shares, though. Her purpose is much greater than that.


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To see her grandma’s reaction to the designs is absolutely priceless.

To see Grandmas’ reaction for yourself, please be sure to check out the following video:


This is the 4th grandma design I’ve created. It was by far my hardest project I’ve ever done. I’ll be posting more videos about this dress throughout the week, but this is grandmas reaction to seeing her work come to life. #grandmareacts #suprise #fashiondesign

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