Where We Get Our Good Looks: February 6

Where We Get Our Good Looks: February 6

One of the very nice things about seeing all the wonderful old family photos shared with us by our readers is seeing just how good looking our ancestors were! All of us who love antiques clearly came from strong stock, with natural beauty! This afternoon we’re just showing some of the grandmothers or great-grandmothers or aunts. We appreciate everyone who has shared these photos and some of the stories. We can imagine some of their lives.

from Asa Brown: “My Grandmother. She passed away in 1933 so this must have been taken in the 1920’s. Don’t you just love the fancy clothes?”

from Idnac Sekots: “This is my Great-Great Grandma.”

from: William Kingdon: “my grandmother and her sister.”

from Don Carlos Watson:My Grandmother Minnie Mae Martin Watson; made probably around 1912-1915.”

Thanks to everyone who has shared wonderful photos with us all at Dusty Old Thing!