18 Odd Vintage Products You Won’t Find Today

How do people come up with these things?

Who doesn’t enjoy a blast from the past? People in the past sure did have some odd inventions that are certified to make you LOL. These items did, in fact, exist at some point in time, but they didn’t and wouldn’t make it today.

1. Life-size Doll with Free Trial Period Offer

Photo: Buzzfeed

2. A Fly Gun

Photo: Modern Mechanix

3. Perfume Hummingbird Tamers

Photo: Sad Useless

4. Cigarette Holder Hat

Photo: Retronaut

5. Injectable Whole Opium

Photo: Active Post

6. Hangover Heaven

Photo: Modern Mechanix

7. Gum Massager

Photo: Only Gossip

8. Orgy Board Game

Photo: Board Game Geek

9. Horse Exercise At Home

Photo: Vintage-Ads

10. Solar Bath

Photo: BoredPanda

11. Sanitized Tape Worms

Photo: Free Dieting

12. Bradley Group Showers

Photo: Complex

13. Sunbath Helmet

Photo: Modern Mechanix

14. Toothache Drops

Photo: WikiMedia

15. Cube Lube

Photo: jhomunculus

16. Wonder Sauna Hot Pants

Photo: culturevac

17. Multiple Electric Vibrator

Photo: Mdern Mechanix

18. Macho Cologne

Photo: magazinesadsandbooks