Designer Creates Adorable Minibikes From Vintage Volkswagen Beetles

Upcycling is a popular way to use items that would otherwise end up on the trash heap. Sometimes, people may even take this form of creativity to the next level. That is the case with Brent Walter, who has created a new style of transport by using old Volkswagen beetles. He used the fenders from the Volkswagen to create unique lines for little scooters that are not only adorable, but they also look like loads of fun.

They are known as Volkspods and they use a fender with an oversized headlight. Some people might even say that they look like a Cyclops. The Schwinn seat and wide handlebars make it feel like a bicycle but the VW logo on the front helps you to keep things in perspective. Each of the scooters is equipped with a 79cc engine and so far, there is a pastel blue and birch green scooter created. Those were original colors for the Volkswagen beetle, helping to add to their nostalgic appeal.

People have often used VW Bugs when creating ways to get from here to there. It includes an electric car by Volkswagen and RV hybrids. Vintage beetles are often used for those new creations. Considering the fact that the VW Beetle has been around since WWII and was very popular until they stopped production in 2003, it’s little wonder that they have become inspirational for new creations.

Brent Walter is a designer who transformed a Volkswagen Beetle into 2 cute minibikes that he called Volkspods.

You can see them in action in this video:

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