Vivian Vance Wows Us Again With Her Amazing Singing Voice!

Her beautiful singing voice is stunning us all over again!

Known for her impeccable comedic timing and distinctive speaking voice, Vivian Vance was a perfect partner in crime for Lucille Ball. While Lucy’s star shown bright, it’s easy to forget that Vance was a supremely talented performer in her own right. Performing as a chorus girl on Broadway in the 1930s before advancing on to more substantial roles, Vance moved from stage to film and then finally to the wonderful world of television. It’s no wonder that she earned four Emmy nominations for her performances on I Love Lucy, winning for best supporting actress in 1954! With such a broad range of talents, she was a credit to the show in so many ways. This wonderful clip from 1952 showcases her ability to be funny, commanding, and perfectly on-pitch for Ethel’s song. Take a look back with us at this entertaining Vivian Vance performance. And, you can check out some surprising facts about I Love Lucy here!