Vintage Photos: Our Beautiful Grandmothers

Vintage Photos: Our Beautiful Grandmothers

We all had beautiful grandmothers! It’s so nice to see their wonderful photos, most from the early 1900’s, on Dusty Old Thing. It gives us a look back to life how it was, the dress styles and how expressions changed over the years. It’s all a part of who we are.

Here are a few from our readers. We hope you enjoy them!

from: Denise Sanborn Schoo: “I have to agree. Our grandmothers were gorgeous. This is my grandmother, Hilda Beales Fendick Sanborn.”

from: Rosalyn Carlson Lachapelle: “My Grandmother, Elizabeth Opal McComb, age 16~~1914~~Her mother made this dress~~”

from: Sheila McLaughlin: “One of my favorite pics of my grandmother. Love the hat and the hair.”

from: Catherine Cooke: “This is a photo of my Great Aunt Mary (seated) and my Grandmother Gertrude. Not sure of the year it was taken, but I love the clothing!”

Thanks to all who share their love of antiques and vintage at our Dusty Old Thing Facebook page. Vintage photos of family members, with their stories, form a part of our cultural history.