A Vincent Van Gogh Painting That Has Never Been Exhibited Is About To Go Up For Auction

Even though the painting is almost 150 years old, it has spent that time as part of a private collection and has never before been on public display.

If you were to be asked to name a famous painter, it is likely that Vincent van Gogh would come to mind. Even many people who are not familiar with fine art are familiar with his Sunflowers and The Starry Night paintings.

Thousands of people would come to see those paintings every day, but there were other paintings by van Gogh that were not as well-known.

The less-famous painting includes Scène de rue à Montmartre (Impasse des Deux Frères et le Moulin à Poivre), a piece that was part of a private collection. That painting is about to be put on exhibit for the first time to the public, even though it was painted more than 100 years ago.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

It is a painting of a street scene in Montmartre, Paris and it will be put on display in Paris, as well as London and Amsterdam. After it is shown to the public, an auction will be held in March by Sotheby’s Paris and Mirabaud Mercier, and the painting will be sold. Sotheby’s shared the news on their Instagram page.

Photo: Instagram/sothebysfr

Scène de rue à Montmartre is reminiscent of the hill where van Gogh lived in Montmartre. It was painted by van Gogh in 1886, three years before he died.

Many impressionists found their way to that area, and the windmill shown in the painting was a gathering place for many artists.

Even though the painting is almost 150 years old, it has spent that time as part of a private collection. It was owned by a single family during that time, and it was never on public display. Since it is such a rare painting, it may sell for up to $10 million when it goes on the auction block in March 2021.

Photo: Instagram/sothebysfr

According to The Guardian, Sotheby’s representative, Aurélie Vandevoorde, said: “The appearance on the market of a painting of this calibre, from such an iconic series, undoubtedly marks a major event.”