How Many Steps Were There for a Victorian Lady Getting Dressed? Too Many!

Seems like they’d be tired before breakfast with all these layers to put on!

In the 1880s round hoop skirts were out and bustles were very much in! For the clothing to look just right, ladies of the era had many steps to getting dressed. Not only were their undergarments of utmost importance, but simple things that we take for granted, like blouse sleeves, were not always a given.

Watch the video below as YouTuber Maker Mauz goes through all the steps that an 1880s woman would have gone through just to get dressed in the morning! In period appropriate clothing she made herself, she certainly looks very elegant when she’s all done up. And, if you enjoyed this then click the “Next Page” button at the bottom of the page for a look at how well-off ladies in 18th century got dressed (with the help of their maids, of course)!