“Priceless” Ming Dynasty Porcelain Jar Used As An Umbrella Stand For Years!

Every now and then we see stories like this pop up, but never have we seen one about such a valuable object. For years the owner of this beautiful porcelain jar had thought that it dated back to the 18th-century and, although it was beautifully decorated, wasn’t worth much. In fact, the owner was using it as an umbrella stand until it was discovered by a specialist in Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art at Christie’s in London.The owner decided to send the piece to London for further examination. After studying the jar intently, the specialists were left “absolutely speechless.”

The jar was actually an extremely rare piece of Chinese porcelain, dating back to the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). The jar eventually went to auction, where it sold for a whopping $20,447,642; that’s one expensive umbrella stand! In the following video, get a closer look at this important piece of history, and why it is so valuable.

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