There are a few songs that just really take you back and this is certainly one of them. Performed by the Tremeloes, “Here Comes My Baby” has that mellow sound the band is famous for. This cover of Cat Stevens’ hit (both released the same year) just has all the qualities that bring back the good memories.

The Tremeloes were a London-based band singed to Decca records. One of the British Invasion bands, they were almost beat for their record contract by the Beatles. This clip from 1967 is the later incarnation of the band, with Chip Hawks replacing Brian Poole. All in all, the Tremeloes had 21 songs on the U.S. Billboard charts and several singles went gold, including this one. Have another listen to one of our favorite songs from the late ’60s. I love seeing their stage outfits! It doesn’t get much better than this.