100 Years Of Toys Quiz — Can You Guess Which Decade Each Toy Is From?

The toys range from 1910 to the 2000s, and identifying the decade they’re from can get quite tricky!


Two staples of this decade are shown here, with a vintage Barbie doll shown next to a Gumby figurine. We also see a bit of new technology with this robotic dog, complete with wagging tail!

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If you remember Changeable Charlie, then you know how much joy such a simple toy could bring! This decade also features a sleek, built-to-last race car (complete with driver) and a Slinky. It’s hard to believe Slinky has been around this long!

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Look how much the robotic dog has changed! This decade shows a new style of transportation with the scooter, as well as a new way to stay entertained (the video game controller). Granted, the doll shows that some toys remain timeless.

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Before toys were electric and motorized, they required a different type of power: imagination! The toy choice from this decade may look simple, but the possibilities of what you could build were only limited by your creativity!

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