Which Towns from TV and Movies Did You Want to Visit as a Kid?

These magical places were mesmerizing when we were younger. Heck, they still are!

Watching our favorite TV shows and films as kids we were entranced by some of the places on the screen. We wanted to just go there and visit for a day. If only we could have just walked into our favorite television programs! Here are 6 towns from TV and movies we desperately wished we could have visited.

6) Mayberry

The Andy Griffith Show was always a good time and we loved watching all the unique characters getting in and out of some pretty hilarious situations. And what we would have given to sit down to Aunt Bee’s cooking!

Via/ Wiki Commons
Via/ Wiki Commons

5) Emerald City

The Wizard of Oz just wouldn’t be the same without the bright and exciting Emerald City. From the horses to the towers to the costumes of the townspeople, it is truly one of the most interesting places we’ve ever seen in any film.

Via/ Wiki Commons
Via/ Wiki Commons

4) Orbit City

The Jetsons was filled with so many things we wanted to interact with- flying cars, robots, and incredible floating buildings. This show really set the imagination running wild. And who else wanted to visit that sleek space-age shopping mall?

Via/ YouTube

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