Institute Releases Never-Before-Seen Footage Of The Titanic Shipwreck

The footage was taken 37 years ago, but only just released to the public.

It would be difficult to find anyone unfamiliar with the Titanic. Although the ship sank years before most of us were born, it still continues to be a part of our culture down to this day.

There are also those who regularly study the Titanic, and some people even have the rare opportunity to visit it at the bottom of the ocean.

Photo: Flickr/José A. Martínez

One of the times when someone made such a visit was in July 1986, and they took some video of the event.

It was just a year before the video was captured that they used side-scan sonar to map the Titanic’s location. Robert Ballard was part of the process and worked with the officials from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution to map the site.

Photo: YouTube/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

The video that was taken during the time was not released to the public. In fact, the institution held onto the video for almost 37 years.

Only within the past few weeks was the video made public, and it showed the shipwreck of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Although it lies about 2 miles below the surface of the sea, it has seen a surprising amount of deterioration.

Photo: YouTube/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

This may surprise you because it is in such cold water at great depth. In reality, deep-sea creatures live in that area and along with ocean currents, they have worn away at the ship for the past 110 years or so.

When it sank, taking some 1500 passengers to the bottom of the ocean, it was thought that the bottom of the ocean was lifeless. Since that time, the opposite has been discovered, and the video of the Titanic is proof positive of it.

You can see more in this video:

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