Like many luxury travel experiences, to book a first class berth aboard the Titanic was incredibly expensive. Coming in at nearly 100K in today’s money, the creme of the creme of Titanic cabins featured incredible luxury and tons of space. But, aside from just having more room there were a lot of other factors that made a top of line trip aboard the doomed ship seem worthy of such a huge outlay of funds.

Titanic at sea before heading to North America
Via: R. Welch/Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Firstly the berths were well-furnished and the more money you spent the more you got in return. You could book a single berth, but many of the uppermost cabins had multiple rooms in addition to private bathrooms and other amenities. The larger suites actually had parlors in them, well furnished of course. Some featured walk-in closets, faux fireplaces, and were furnished with writing desks for letters home and card tables for hosting small parties.

The first class rooms were on the first two decks, away from the noise of engines. This allowed these passengers to have promenades dedicated only to first class, places to mingle and enjoy the views.

Being higher up also helped them escape faster once the ship began to sink, but of course most people boarding the ship probably wouldn’t have been thinking about that.

Titanic first class cabin
Via: R. Welch/Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

And then there was the food. First class passengers had access to restaurants and cafes that cost extra, but most probably would have never needed that. The base menu for the upper crust was expansive with some meals having ten courses. These included things like oysters, squab, lamb, and duck in addition to a huge variety of side dishes.

Only first class passengers had access to a gym on board. These facilities contained machines to simulate riding horses, camels and bikes as well as squash courts and even a swimming pool.

Titanic gym machines
Via: Robert Welch/Wiki Commons

Find out the details on all the amenities offered to first class passengers aboard the Titanic in the video below.