Things We Miss From Our School Days

We had so much fun at school back then!

Schools have changed so much since we were kids. Regulations, allergies, and changes in funding mean that some of the things we loved about school are not a reality for most kids these days. Still, we wouldn’t trade our memories for anything in the world.

9) The Bookmobile

This is one of the services that is fading away in many places. Not only do we have fewer remote areas that need service, but the internet makes most books and learning materials available online. But, we miss hopping aboard the bookmobile and spending a few minutes choosing some books to take home.

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8) Cleaning Erasers

Whether you were sent by the teacher to the machine that cleaned erasers or were just clapping them together, cleaning the erasers was a fond part of growing up. In some schools it was a punishment, but for us it was a reward. And, nothing smells like chalk dust. Even in places where chalkboards are still used, kids often are not given this responsibility.

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7) PB & J Sandwiches

The favorite budget lunch of moms and kids for decades, this yummy snack is no longer permitted in many schools due to allergies.

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6) Walking to School

More and more kids are not allowed to walk to school even if they live close to school. But, it was valuable time with our friends when we were little. Plus, we got to enjoy the outdoors just that much more because we walked to and from school.

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