Do You Even Own These Items Anymore?

Many of these old-fashioned items have been left by the wayside.

Our lives are changing so fast these days. Common place items that we always had around as kids and young adults are now obsolete or badly disused by the majority of us. Which begs the question- do you still even own any of these items?


With autocorrect on every device we use, there’s no need for a dictionary anymore. Remember opening the dictionary and just learning new words? Yeah, that was fun!

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Fountain Pen

They still make a number of high quality fountain pens, but so few of us even have a need to write things down much anymore. The average bear doesn’t even write letters by hand anymore, let alone with a fountain pen! With the exception of collectors, this is a tool that is quickly being forgotten.

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Phone Book

Time was when the new phone book came and you were glad because it meant that you had the most up-to-date version and were all set for the next year. But, now? Most people put them directly into the waste or recycling bin.

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Corrector Fluid

If you don’t type on a typewriter or write with a pen on the regular, then the chances you’ll be needing correctort fluid anytime soon are pretty slim.

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