Things from Childhood that Make Us Happy

Things from Childhood that Make Us Happy

Many of us have had the experience of being at an antique sale, or at a thrift shop or yard sale, and seeing something that brings back a warm, but largely forgotten, memory of childhood. If you grew up in the ’50s the object was probably colorful and fun. Like the Felix the Cat wall clocks of that time period, they can’t help but make us smile. Enough time has passed now that they’re no longer kitsch, but are now iconic. Earlier dolls, like the composition doll below that was shared with us by Darlene, often had expressions that almost seem to harken back to the cartoons and illustrations of the 1920’s and 30’s.

Our thanks go to Lynn, Bridget and Darlene for bringing tonight’s smiles.

from: Bridget Borchert: “Cute 50’s faces! :)”

from: Lynne Allbrook: “Apparently, when I was around 3, all I wanted for Christmas was “Quack quack ducks”. My poor mom had no idea what I meant or where to find some. Santa came through tho! These still ‘quack’ when you pull them around. : )”

from: Darlene Duplessis: “whistle for you mild..remember these? the birds tail is a whistle.”

from: Darlene Duplessis: “My newest composition doll. What is Composition and What is a Composition Doll?:Composition is generally a mixture of glue mixed with sawdust. Heavier and denser than paper mache, composition is easily molded and is thus an excellent material to make doll heads. Composition was used to make doll bodies for many years, from approximately the late 1870s, long before it was widely used to make doll heads. Since the material a doll head is made from determines the type of doll, only dolls with heads made of composition are referred to as composition dolls.Dates of Production of Composition Dolls:Composition dolls were made from approximately 1909 through the early 1950s. The height of the market for composition dolls was the 1920s through the 1940s. Today, only the rare reproduction or art doll is made of composition today”