These Relics From The Brave Veterans Of The Past Will Surely Make You Proud!

These Relics From The Brave Veterans Of The Past Will Surely Make You Proud!

With Memorial Day fast approaching, we thought we’d take a moment to feature some militaryitems shared with us by our readers. These items remind us of the men and women who sacrifice so much for our country. We can’t being to imagine the sentiment, stories and memories attached to these items, but we’re glad we got to experience it, and we want you to as well. Take a look at the following featured items, and let us know if you have any military items you’d like to share. We’d love to see a photo and hear your story!

from: Brian Freeman: “World War 2 army patches”

from: Kathleen Colflesh Wells: “Love this VTG US Army uniform, it’s made of wool and the pants have Velcro ….no zipper….can I guess they are from 1940 or pre war???”

from: Linda Taylor: “WWII Trench Art Jewelry Box. Handcarved with the DUI (designated unit insignia) of the 361st Engineer Regiment and the words “To Meeda – We Do”. Inside carving – France 1945. That location and date match the service record of this particular unit that I could find online. This is such a deeply personal and romantic item and I would love to discover more about the history. I bought it online several years ago and it still bothers me that it didn’t stay with the family.”

from: Julie Taron: “WWII cigarettes, from my dad’s ration stash.”

from: Linda Taylor: “From my collection of WWII Sweetheart Jewelry. Wore it to school last December 7th and spent all day explaining the significance to students. A teachable moment, as they say.”

from: Trey Stubbs: “WWII era United States Marine Corp EGA (Eagle, Globe, Anchor) hat emblems”

from: Mary Jane Aurdal-Olson: “From Irving Felix to his wife Millie from Pearl Harbor, December 29, 1939 – in just less than 2 years, December 6, 1941, the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor. Irv was a sailor on the U.S.S. Houston. The Houston was sunk by torpedoes on February 28, 1942 – Irv escaped to shore only to be taken prisoner by the enemy. He died in POW camp in 1945. See Ship 2 Shore – WWII on Facebook.”

from: Mary Jane Aurdal-Olson: “More in my series of WWII Letters from the USS Houston, here is one showing the “Clipper” that transported mail to and from the Houston into the nearest. My husband’s brother in law, Irv Felix, Y1stClass was the mail officer, receiving and distributing mail to the sailors. Please find my first post for the story behind this.”

from: Mary Jane Aurdal-Olson: “This is the last one I’ll post. Don’t want to take up room for other folks. I plan to do a Facebook page “Ship 2 Shore, WWII” soon and a website of the same name. Thank you all for your interest! It’s so exciting to the family. God bless.”

from: Al DeArroyo: “WWI Pocket shrine.”

from: Jason House: “Most recent addition to the collection- a WWII Navy pilot’s uniform.”

from: Susan Wurtz Willard: “My dad is 87 years old and had this in his military box. He was in WWII in Germany. He says it’s a medical kit and he brought it back from Germany. There are a couple of needles, some calipers and other items I don’t know what they are. Does anyone know anything about it?”

from: Annita Smith McGinnes: “Had to share this! We found this in some of mom’s albums that we discovered this week. It’s my grandfather’s (daddy’s daddy) Master Boilermaker’s certification and his Selective Service registration card. He served proudly in the US Navy aboard the USS Battleship Texas and was at Normandy on D-day.I had to photo-shop it a bit to get the writing to show up.”

from: Cathy Miller: “This is the front cover of a menu from Receiving Station Navy No. 128 30 May, 1944. I found this in pictures my my father had from his time in the Navy. He served on the USS Haven. I am sure this was in Pearl Harbor area because he was there in 1944.”

from: Dennis Saunders: “my dad got this back in 1961 while he was in the Navy”

from: Pamela Cameron: “1936 West Point Military Academy”

from: Doug Pollard: “I believe these to be Civil War Marine corp. buttons I found with a metal detector in Gloucester Va. backmark Cuff but. horstmann Phila, large button Scov??????co.Waterbury does anyone know if from civil war or Post civil war!”