The Largest Viking Poop Ever FOund

There is nothing quite like finding a 1200-year-old piece of poop that was left behind by a Viking.

When most of us think about historical finds, we think about digging up ancient buildings or perhaps mummies.

Although they may be interesting, there is nothing quite like finding a 1200-year-old piece of poop that is thought to have been left behind by a Viking.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The find is known as the Lloyds Bank coprolite, which is also what they happen to call fossilized poop. It is quite a discovery, as it is 8 inches long and 2 inches wide.

It isn’t a new discovery, it was found in 1972 in York, in the UK. They were excavating for a local bank branch according to Atlas Obscura when they found it.

Photo: flickr/foundin_a_attic

In order to ensure the find, it was appraised by Dr. Andrew Jones. This occurred in 1991 and Dr. Jones said it was the most exciting piece of excrement he had ever seen. In fact, the dung scientist said it is as irreplaceable as the Crown Jewels!

You might not think that they would learn much from a piece of fossilized poop but in reality, they learned a lot. More than likely, the person that left it behind was a Viking who lived in the ninth century. He also had a lot of parasites, including Whipworm, so he likely suffered from some gastrointestinal problems.

Photo: flickr/Nestlé

If you are interested in seeing this in person, you can find it at the Jorvik Viking Centre in a glass box. It is further protected now since visitors dropped it in 2003 and broke it into three pieces.

Photo: flickr/RachelH_
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Not only does the center consider itself to be home to this colossal piece of poop, but they also host a virtual workshop in February, known as “Poo Day!”

In the live stream, you could make your own Viking poop but you had to have the proper ingredients on hand. Sounds like it could make for an interesting afternoon.