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While the homeless epidemic gets worse and worse, some people are trying to come up with inventive ways to help. These two teens invented a backpack that turns into a shelter that fits two people. They were inspired to make the backpack during a school science project after one of their uncles died due to homelessness.

What an amazing thing for teenagers to make, this is so touching!

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Pasha Jones and Adrianna Vutrano, are high school students from Montreal, who know all too well how bad the weather can be for the homeless.

Pasha, who actually had an uncle die in the streets from cold weather exposure, was inspired to do something to create a safe place for homeless people. With a school science fair coming up, Pasha and her best friend began brainstorming project that could help the homeless community.

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“My uncle, due to homelessness, he actually died on the streets,” Pasha told Breakfast Television Montreal.

That’s when the two got the idea for the portable homeless shelter, first, they had to get the materials they would use. Hula-hoops, rope, metal hangers, and tarp, were used to create a portable homeless shelter.

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It took many trials and errors but the teens eventually made the incredible portable shelter for two.

The outstanding final product only weighs 5-pounds, it also is lined with a space blanket to keep the occupants warm during the harsh winters in Canada. It’s 6 to 7 degrees warmer inside and has been tested by the girls in zero degree weather.

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They also made it with a design that would make it cooler in the hot summer months, as well as act as a shelter during the winter.

“We want to make the portable house reversible, so the space blanket is on top. The sun would reflect off of it, so it’s cooler inside,” Adrianna told the CBC.

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The portable homeless shelter cost $20 to make, but the girls hope to find a bigger company to help them mass-produce it.

With the homeless crisis in Montreal on the rise, the duo hopes to see their invention help people living on the streets. The girls have been featured on the CBC, Breakfast Television Montreal and on the UNB Twitter page.

“Pasha Jones and Adrianna Vutrano have created an affordable, portable home that uses a space blanket to capture heat and help the homeless stay warm during the winter months,” the UNB posted to Twitter.

Hopefully, with the help of other people, the girls can spread their invention around.

Social media and technology, have made it possible for people to promote all sorts of products. This is something that could really help the homeless community, which is why the two friends deserve to have it spread like wildfire.

Source: YouTube

It’s extremely touching to see teenagers creating something for the betterment of society and the homeless community. Pasha and Adrianna, are very passionate about helping those who are sometimes forgotten due to living on the streets. To see the portable shelter for yourself, watch the video below!

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