Tea Time! Our Favorite Tea Sets And Tea Accessories, Submitted By Our Readers.

Tea Time! Our Favorite Tea Sets And Tea Accessories, Submitted By Our Readers.

There are many reasons why tea sets hold such a special place in our hearts; maybe the tea set is a family heirloom, handed down from generation to generation. Maybe it’s the delicate nature of tea sets that make them so precious. Whatever your reason may be, there’s one thing that’s certain: tea sets sure are beautiful! Check out some of our favorite reader-submitted tea sets and accessories below, and share your photos too! We’d love to see your collections.

from: Carol Raggio: “A tea set, from my Grandmother. Royal Vienna from Bavaria.”

from: Anne Drexl: “Can anyone help with any info about this Japanese tea pot that I bought at a garage sale please”

from: Pascale Hardy: “My childhood china tea set with traditional pattern of Brittany, France! They don’t make tea set like that anymore!”

from: Sarah Ashley: “You all are great! Can anyone provide info on this tea kettle? Appears to be peacock or ostrich. Enamelware. Marked on bottom. Thanks!”

from: Cecile Erlendson: “My mother-in-law inherited this tea set including bread and butter plates from her mother who received it as wedding gift many years ago. There are no markings on it.”

from: Denise Cushing LaRoche: “Tea anyone! Anyone know anything about these type of kettles ?”

from: Terry Carney: “Anyone know anything about my handpainted tea set?”

from: Cheryl Gross-Whitaker: “My great grandmothers wedding dishes. 12 piece set with everything from tea cups to serving dishes. Somewhere around 1914”

from: Kay Sanders: “In the 50yrs that I have been collecting antiques..I have always desired a tea caddy. Last week I left a very modest bid on this one..and I won it with a lower bid than I left. While it’s not the most fancy and has some dings..IT IS MINE!”

from: Jennifer Hoban: “I’m stunned! The teapot is circa 1800-1810, most likely Coalport. The tea bowls and saucers are circa 1830 Enoch Wood & Sons, pearlware glaze. I got all 3 for a grand total of $45.05! The only thing “wrong” with the pot is the broken spout, but someone did take the time decades ago to have a custom metal German replacement made. I’m just floored that I got these for so little money!”

from: Suzanne Berry Hendricks Jepson: “This porcelain teapot has a matching sugar and creamer, but no markings or identification. The set belonged to my Nana, passed down to me from my Mom who is 94 yrs young. Any idea of maker or value, other than priceless to me?”