Restoring A Water Damaged Star Wars Toy From 1978 To Like-New Condition

Collectibles are something that a lot of people are into. There are people who collect a variety of items, anything from coins to vintage toys.

For one vintage toy collector, it is a true art form restoring the toys back to their former glory.

Video creator, Rescue & Restore, likes to breathe new life into old toys. And one of the models that he brought back to life was an old Millennium Falcon toy from 1978.

Photo: Pixabay

It was not an easy feat as this collectible had been stained and discolored by water damage. To look at it, you wouldn’t have guessed that it could’ve been restored to its original condition, but he managed it!

The restorer was able to give it back its new and shiny condition by carefully taking the time to clean and fix every single inch and crevasse of the item.

He explained his process, saying, “The shell had yellowed with age from UV light exposure. I reversed the yellowing with a process known as RetroBright. If you submerge the plastic parts in hydrogen peroxide and add powerful UV lights, it will reverse the yellowing.”

Check out the process in the video clip below:

You can definitely see the great care with which this toy was handled. It’s pretty cool to watch! What do you think of the video? Let us know!

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