Someone Just Paid $3.36 Million For One Page Of Original Spider-Man Art

The art was from a 1984 12-issue limited series, Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars #8.

Although everyone probably has their favorite superhero, Spider-Man is near the top of the list these days.

With the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, that beloved superhero has taken on even greater popularity.

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It seems as if it isn’t only moviegoers that are appreciating Spider-Man these days. A single page of original art managed to sell for $3.36 million recently at auction.

Interestingly, they also sold a copy of Action Comics #1, in which spider-man first appeared but it didn’t go for as much as the single piece of art.

Of course, this was no normal piece of art that was sold through Heritage Auctions. It was from a 1984 12-issue limited series, Marvel Superheroes Secret Wars #8. In that series, many of the familiar Marvel superheroes were taken to an alien planet so that an alien named Beyonder could watch them fight.

As a result of that trip to the other planet, Spider-Man received a new suit. It happened when an alien attached to him and it took on a black appearance. That suit then transitioned over into the more modern-day Venom.

Mike Zeck was the artist responsible for drawing the page but they aren’t sure who inked it. Others who are credited with working on the same issue include John Beatty, Jack Abel, and Mike Esposito.

Spider man comic
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The single-page did manage to sell for more than the Action Comics #1 magazine that was also sold at the same auction. It didn’t sell for much more, because the 1938 comic book, which introduced Superman, sold for $3.18 million.

They were also very close to setting the record, although that was set in 2020 when the Amazing Fantasy #15, which introduced Spider-Man sold for $3.6 million.