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The Chic and Charming Shop Windows of Interwar Paris Will Have You Wishing for a Time Machine

Paris has long been the muse for romantic ideas and works of art. The architecture, culture, and fashion give the streets of Paris a unique feel. Born in 1857, Eugène Atget sought to capture the mood of early 1900s Paris by photographing her streets and buildings. Though photography had been in wide usage for years, the idea of a comprehensive and realistic photographic portrait of a city was a very new concept.

Coiffeur, Bd. de Strasbourg by Eugène Atget 1910s Shop Windows

Via/ Flickr

Atget spent a great deal of time documenting all the various aspects of the city, including Old Paris and the ruins of war and progress. Atget also documented the details that made Paris special during the interwar period, when the remnants of Art Nouveau designs could be seen all around the city. Looking at his photographs it feels almost like being there, strolling along the Parisian streets of 1920, taking in all the sights and sounds.

Boulevard de Strasbourg

Via/ Flickr

Avenue de l'Observatoire Parisian Shop Windows of the 1920s

Via/ Flickr

arisian Flower Shop Window 1920s Eugène Atget

Via/ Flickr

Avenue des Gobelins by Eugène Atget 1920s Shop Windows

Via/ Flickr

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