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The Chic and Charming Shop Windows of Interwar Paris Will Have You Wishing for a Time Machine

The fashions of the 1910s were centered around long-standing traditions, but after World War I the styles became more modern. The women’s clothing of the 1920s no longer required corsets and the jackets were cut quite loose. The concept of a modern fashion sense was beginning to take shape, the overly sentimental lace and structure falling away. These new styles mixed with Art Nouveau architecture and the charm of Old Paris lend an extraordinary quality to Atget’s photographs.

Eugène Atget 1920s Shop Windows Bon Marche

Via/ Flickr

The shop windows that Atget photographed perfectly capture that transitional moment between the two World Wars. Though Atget was already nearing the end of his life, he saw the value in preserving the city in photographs during this period of change. Atget died in 1927, only a few years after some of these beautiful photos were taken.

Boulevard de Strasbourg by Eugène Atget 1920s Shop Windows

Via/ Flickr

avenue des Gobelins 1926 by Eugène Atget

Via/ Flickr

Boutique art nouveau, 45 rue st. Augustin, Eugène Atget 1920s Paris shop windows

Via/ Flickr

Brocanteur 38 rue Descartes Eugène Atget 1920s Paris shop windows

Via/ Flickr

We hope you enjoyed this peek into the shop windows of interwar Paris and Eugène Atget’s unique photography. These photos capture a brief period in history that was unlike any other. We can’t go back in time, but his lovely photographs might just be the next best thing.

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